SINCE 2005,THE NORTHERN VIRGINIA AFFORDABLE HOUSING ALLIANCE has promoted the community benefits of affordable housing throughout Northern Virginia. Through collaboration with multiple community-based organizations, affordable housing developers, financial institutions, faith communities and housing policy professionals, we build local political will to adopt public policies and allocate adequate resources to create equitable, diverse, affordable communities in the region. We hope you find this Toolkit useful in acquiring a strong knowledge base for affordable housing in our communities. In the future, we will expand the site to include new tools and best practices to help you address housing challenges in your community. As always, we welcome your feedback on what to include, and how to make this a more effective tool for all.


The Housing Toolkit is designed for advocates to assist local government policymakers—elected officials, members of planning commissions, and representatives of housing advisory boards—in understanding the fundamental tools and programs that support affordable housing.Many newly-elected leaders enter office with little or no housing knowledge. Having a broad and thorough understanding of the ‘nuts and bolts’ of affordable housing equips them with the tools for more effective policy and budgetary decision-making.

When elected officials have a firm grasp of the challenges and solutions related to developing affordable housing, the likelihood of creating more diverse communities with affordable housing is increased and everyone benefits!



While national and statewide housing data are valuable, local officials want to have statistics and analysis specific to their jurisdiction. The Housing Toolkit provides customized data for each jurisdiction, building a knowledge base for effective policy solutions at the local level.


This section identifies the percentage of low and moderate income households in each jurisdiction, and provides information on the number of available rental housing units and rent levels for this population


The National Housing Conference Paycheck to Paycheck Calculator shows the incomes for working households of several occupations relative to the housing costs in our region. This tools allows the user to create a graph with customized occupations to assess whether those workers can afford housing in their community.


The Housing Policy Matrix of Regulatory and Financial Tools is a handy ‘at a glance’ summary of the key land use and fiscal policies adopted by each jurisdiction, with a section on implementation and Call to Action on policy improvements.


Housing Finance 101 is a video tutorial on affordable housing finance and development to familiarize the participant with the key development concepts and tools used to develop affordable housing for low and moderate income households


The Housing Glossary defines housing terminology not frequently used or fully understood by non-housing professionals.